New patch - 0.857a

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New patch - 0.857a

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* Added a new feature: Practice
You can now play singleplayer matches versus bots.

* The ability Summon Skeleton Warrior has now been reworked to have two charges.

* You can now report a player from the player list (TAB) screen, which in turn sends a replay from the game server to us. This makes it easy for us to ban players that violates our terms of service.

* Repeating attacks and abilities are no longer affected by latency. This is done by sending packets to the server before the attack or ability is off cooldown based on the latency.

* A visual effect and sound is now created when a player learns an ability.

* Altered the UI for the hero screen to now also show icons for all categories.

* Altered the UI for the hero screen to now show categories for each individual accessory slot.

* Added a new option: Chat.
This setting can set chat messages to be enabled, disabled or team only.

* Altered the option for Voice Chat.
This setting can now set voice chat to be enabled, disabled or team only.

* The anti-grief system now also takes healing enemies into consideration.

* Altered the particle appearance of the abilities Fire Ball and Ember to look better.

* Altered the particle for spawn protection and the ability Protect to look better.

* It is no longer possible to multi-client the game.

* Textures and meshes for accessories are now dynamically loaded and unloaded on runtime instead of always being loaded. This reduces the startup loading time of the game and helps later when there are many more accessories to choose from.

* The replay file screen now has a new column for Date Modified.

* Fixed a bug that caused the weapons of summons to not trigger a sound when hitting an enemy.

* Added a variable to servers that makes it possible to automatically save replays of players.

* Added an anti-spam system for equipping/unequipping items and accessories.

* Altered the appearance of grass swaying in the wind.

* It is no longer possible to log into the same account from multiple IP addresses.

* Fixed an oversight that made it possible to get unobtainable player names through altering packets before sending them to the server.

* Updated the ban system to also disconnect servers and clients immediately instead of just on the next connection attempt.

* Fixed a bug that caused characters converted to ragdolls on death to teleport the camera a short distance to keep up with the ragdoll.

* Added tooltips to the buttons in the player list (TAB) screen.

* Challenges are now using the same UI system that the tutorial system use.

* The "/smilies" command now shows the smilies in a better format.

* Remade the system to validate Steam logins to be more stable (for the future, since the game is not yet on Steam).

* Fixed a rare bug when watching a replay and clicking to go to a time that could also cause you to view the next character, instead of keep viewing your current character.

* Game server profiles now support all variables in the UI.

* Fixed a bug that caused the tutorial screen to be behind the map screen and the player list screen.

* The tutorial now instead requires W, A, S and D to be pressed to go to the next state, instead of going to the next state when just any one of them were pressed.

* Altered the tutorial ending text.

* Added help text when having to minimize the game in order to get an e-mail verification code. This is shown when creating an account or using the forgot account password.

* When checking Streamer Mode, it now also unchecks Voice Chat and sets Chat to be Disabled.

* Removed the Alien character model.

* When starting the game, it is now required to accept an agreement to ensure compliance with laws such as COPPA.

* Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash in certain situations when resizing the window.

* Fixed a visual bug with a particle texture that was used in various places.

* Altered some abilities descriptions to include more ability weaknesses.

* An error message now appears in the chat when trying to change team in a challenge, tutorial or practice match.

* Fixed a map editor bug that caused the game to crash when using Ctrl+Z after moving a map editor mesh.

* Fixed a bug with the normalmap of a specific floor texture (floor14) that caused it to look incorrect.

* Fixed a bug that caused chat commands to trigger incorrectly in some situations.
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