New patch - 0.901a

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New patch - 0.901a

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* Added a new option: Life Numbers.
It is disabled by default but if it is enabled it will show life numbers on the health bar of characters.

* Enhanced the fluidity of animation transitions as characters switch between walking forward and strafing.

* Learned abilities now appear in the UI sorted by their keybindings, starting with mouse buttons, then number keys, then letter keybindings and finally passives and auras.

* Ability tooltips now also show their ability type.

* Drastically optimized performance and fixed a lot of shader bugs in Direct3D11.

* Fixed a bug in Direct3D11 that caused some effects to have major artifacts, such a the decal for the ability Meteor.

* Fixed a bug that caused silhouettes to not get the full optimization of GPU animations.

* Fixed a bug that caused the Distortion effect to incorrectly move the rendered content a few pixels to the top left on resolutions higher than 1920x1080.

* Learned abilities in the UI are now separated by a consistent space, maintaining the same relative distance on any UI size.

* Fixed a bug in Direct3D11 that caused all textures to look sharper than intended, which was noticeable on all text in the game.

* Heavily optimized generating a map that had a lot of objects in the map editor.

* Fixed a bug that caused the mesh fade color option to not be used on startup of the game for certain objects.

* Fixed a bug that caused splatting on floors to not work having the Shader Quality set to Medium.

* Changed the texture filtering method of the color picker UI widget to look less pixelated.

* The "Password" text on the login screen was unintentionally cut off.

* In replays, the freecam is no longer rotating the camera based on cursor movement if the window is not focused.

* Fixed a bug that caused Direct3D11 to not work with black borders.

* Adjusted the Bloom effect to have less artifacts.

* Fixed a bug that caused UI screens to no longer remember their previous screen when the window was resized, which could cause unexpected results when pressing the back button of UI screens.

* Fixed some minor memory leaks.

* You can no longer press "Login as Guest" while a real login attempt is in progress.
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