New patch - 0.864a

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New patch - 0.864a

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* The game now looks better on computers with Windows Scaling enabled.

* The installer now installs DirectX for Direct3D9 since Windows 11 no longer has it installed by default.

* Increased the width of the e-mail textbox. Previously, very long e-mail addresses could not fit within the textbox, which made it impossible to log in.

* Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash in a practice match if monsters spawned.

* Fixed a bug in the map editor that caused copied pointlights to not be able to switch to become spotlights.

* The "Only show navmesh" checkbox in the map editor now shows its entire text instead of being cut off in the middle.

* Altered the particle of the map Citadel Fraud to now be affected by physical impulses.

* Fixed a bug that caused physical impulses to slow down the game more than they should have.

* Fixed a bug that caused particles affected by wind elements to sometimes be much weaker or stronger than intended.

* OpenGL is no longer shown in the tooltip for the graphics API option.

* The Advanced Mesh Fade option is now set to None by default.

* Fixed a bug that caused the full list of servers to be sent to a player even though they were no longer requesting it.

* Previously, the launcher always exited when there was an instance of the game/server running. Now, the launcher only exits in that scenario if there actually is an update available.

* The LAN Only option has been renamed to Play Offline. Its tooltip also has a more detailed description now and when trying to join a game without a logged in account it will now also show that the Play Offline option can always enter the join game screen.
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