New patch - 0.917a

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New patch - 0.917a

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* Added a new option: Smart Self-Cast.
When enabled, targeted abilities are cast on yourself when you are not targeting anyone.
When disabled, you must hold the Self-Cast key to self-cast (found under Key Bindings).
It is disabled by default.

* Capture flag spawn points are now enhanced with particles, visually indicating the flag's designated spawn location.

* The start main menu screen has been completely remade.

* The Starter Builds are now divided into sections based on their level of difficulty.

* You can now use modifiers like Ctrl+R for keybindings, which works for both ability keybindings and standard ones.

* Typing in the search textbox in the hero screen now also reset all categories to show all results and not just the currently selected categories results.

* The checkbox in the hero screen to show only bought/used abilities and equipment now also reset all categories to see all results and not just the currently selected categories results.

* The player list (TAB) screen and the select team screen now also display how many players are in each team.

* The Recently Damaged option has now been remade into a slider instead of a checkbox, which lets players be able to set their own desired display duration.

* Slightly altered the viewing angle from 71 degrees down to 68 degrees.

* Added a new option to control the camera rotation speed.

* Tooltips in the options menu now also show up when hovering over title elements.

* Fixed a bug that caused the confirm screen to not work with Escape/Return keys. It was possible to get stuck in the UI in the game in certain situations because of this bug.

* Fixed texture bleeding issues with most grass textures that unintentionally made them darker when moving away from the camera.

* Altered the specular calculation for grass to look better.

* The in-game main menu is now also accessible before selecting a team.

* Fixed a bug that when losing connection to a game server could make it impossible to exit the game server without exiting the entire game.

* The select team screen no longer shows the keybindings of quick-joining a team.

* Fixed a bug that caused the freecam in replays and in the map editor to slowly rotate depending on what window resolution was used.

* Fixed a bug that caused the ability and equipment categories in the hero screen to be reset when losing and then regaining focus on the game window.

* Fixed a bug that could cause the cursor to no longer be visible in the game when switching maps.

* Fixed a visual issue that caused borders in the UI to not align correctly with other UI elements.

* Keybindings on abilities now always fit their text in the ability icon.

* The warm-up screen is no longer visible on the select team menu screen.

* You can now also scale map objects in the map editor, which in turn also scales the final collision object. Scaling also works with Undo and Redo. You can now also input a random scale that is applied each time you place an object.

* Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash in the tutorial in some situations when attempting to keybind the Attack key.

* Renamed Hero Manager to Library everywhere.

* Altered some default keybindings to not occupy keys near WASD.

* Color grading for color blindness did not work that well. They have now been remade.

* The map Citadel Fraud has been renamed to show that it is a capture the flag map.

* Removed the Ignore toggle button on the social screen for the Steam version, since Steam handles this instead.

* Scaling meshes in the map editor now scales them towards their own middle instead of towards origo.

* Fixed a bug that caused players with a high packet loss % to sometimes lose connection from a server when trying to quit the server.

* Fixed a bug in the map editor that caused imported meshes to generate incorrect map object materials when using instancing.

* The login screen has been altered slightly.

* Fixed a bug that caused the team respawn points in the map editor to not be affected by mesh scales.

* Clicking the tutorial button now displays a confirmation dialog instead of immediately starting the tutorial.

* Fixed a bug that caused the Sentinel Mechanism muzzle flare to look incorrectly while affected by fog.

* Scrolling the mouse in the credits screen now also stops the automatic scrolling.

* Very slightly adjusted the options menu UI.

* Heavily optimized how screens are fetched in the code, which may lead to a small increase in performance.

* Fixed a bug that caused the web browser to open when trying to assign another keybinding to its currently occupied keybinding.

* Fixed a bug that caused the grass to not show up correctly like they were shown in the map editor in some specific cases.

* Renamed the lowest mesh fade option from None to Low to indicate that it still utilizes the specified color.
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