New patch - 0.878a

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New patch - 0.878a

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* Reworked the tutorial.

* Summons are no longer affected by AI difficulty.

* Bots now also deal less damage when using a lower AI difficulty.

* The difficulty combobox in the practice match menu now has a tooltip that explains the exact difference of each difficulty level.

* For the Steam version of the game, the player name on startup is now automatically set to the Steam profile name.

* For the Steam version of the game, it attempts to login to the game automatically at startup.

* You can now right-click on the icon of an ability or item to equip/learn them, instead of having to click the "Learn" or "Equip" buttons.

* Altered the Wings accessory to always be the same color as the team color.

* The ability and equipment categories are now reset when entering a new match.

* Fixed a rare bug that caused AI characters to sometimes get stuck near edges of the map.

* Fixed a bug that caused screens to visually fade in and out too fast.

* Fixed a bug that made it possible to scroll in UI lists even if they were hidden.
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